Creating a Great Bicyclist Enthusiast Site

Bicycle enthusiasts are gearing up for the beginning of their favorite time of year. For many bicycle enthusiast, the three seasons of spring, summer and fall, are the only times they can be as active in the sport they love. Bicycling has become so much more than a simple way to get a little exercise today. Bicycling has become the preferred way many people travel to work, enjoy a sport, see the inner workings of mountainsides and cycle the winding trails of oceansides.

Bicycling has become such a popular activity in America, that the country has been transformed for cycling enthusiasts. In fact many communities across the country are building bicycle trails. These “greenways” as they are known, are growing to such a degree, the countrysides are being transformed. The implementation has already started to link the entire eastern seaboard via a bicycle greenway. In other regions of the country, like Boulder Colorado, cycling is one of the preferred modes of travel, and bike trails dot much of the countryside along the rocky mountains there.

With cycling being considered one of the best ways to exercise and see America, its no wonder bicycle magazines and cycling enthusiast websites have popped up all over the place. For anyone who is looking to start their own Bicycle enthusiast website, there are many ways to create a great social network for cyclists.

The first step is to find a good web host, and buy a domain name that is catchy. The next step is to begin to design the site. You’ll want to choose a design that is not only eye catching but also allows the user to complete their goal easily on your website. If you do not have the budget to create a website with a designer, you can always fall back on a free online template. There are various platforms that templates are built on such as opencart and online magento templates. You will have to decide on which one to choose.

Then you should begin to fill it with many important pieces of information, such as local bike trails, bicycle events that are geared towards the region of the web page owner, and any information on national upcoming events for bicycle enthusiasts. Beyond these basics, the sky is the limit. Many websites allow for blogging, forums, and sales of products as well. A Bicycle enthusiast who wishes to start such a web page, should consider what it is that they most would like to offer their visitors. E-commerce options for such a site can create good revenue. They can sell anything from specialized water bottles, to bike helmets, gloves and any other number of standard cycling gear without a web owner getting to extensive into sales if they just wanted to do this part time.

Web owners should make sure their site is designed for good SEO and article content. This is important and will help build the websites exposure and activity. Posting on other cycling websites, and joining other cycling enthusiast forums can draw attention to a site as well, so web page owner’s should consider this a good way to get additional exposure

Biking Hygiene

It is a natural thing for a person to sweat or perspire especially after intense physical activity. How not to smell after bicycling a long distance can be done in a couple of different ways.

First, daily hygiene is of critical importance to avoid body odor and other smells that the body may produce. Prior to bicycling, it is important to shower throughly using a strong deodorant soap. In addition, it is important to wash and condition the hair with a fragrant shampoo and conditioner.

Once showering is completed, make certain that you dry yourself throughly with a clean towel. The key to avoid odor has a great deal to do with the kind of deodorant that you use. Make sure you use a deodorant that is proven to fight body odor and is guaranteed to last for up to 12 hours.
In addition to the deodorant, it would be wise to also use deodorized body powder. You may be amazed how well a deodorized body powder will work. Applying the body powder under the arms in addition to the deodorant is a huge plus.

It is important to make sure that you do not wear heavy clothing and make sure all clothing is laundered with a scented laundry soap. Scented laundry soaps can actually disguise some body odors before they become too compelling.

It would be best to do your bicycling on a day that is not too hot and not too cold. Moderate temperatures outdoors will certainly cut down on perspiration. Spring is the perfect weather for bicycling because normally the temperature is just right.

Even if the person bicycling begins to sweat, it can help greatly to wipe the forehead lightly with a cloth or handkerchief. In addition, stopping every so often for a little break can help the person to relax and will cut down on some of the perspiration that may take place.

In addition to general hygiene measures, the bicycler may consider carrying some extra deodorant or cologne of some type and try to reapply deodorant during the bicycle trip.

Unless it is an unusual circumstance there are any number of things that a bicycler can do to avoid smelling after along distance trip. Of course, once the trip is complete try to get to the nearest shower and cleanse your body of any noticeable and unpleasant odor.